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When preparing and terminating HV cables, precision is paramount. Making tools to the mantra of "The Art of Precision", GBZ Mannheim GmbH have manufactured the FLM110 Multifunction Tool with this in mind. The FLM110 is designed to remove outer jackets, shave bonded semi-conductive layers, remove cable insulation and even cutting in profiled grooves on the insulation layer. Suitable for cables from 40mm - 130mm in diameter, the FLM110 uses a ball bearing design meaning no more grease and guarantees precision with minimal adjustments on cutting/shaving depths (+/- 0.25mm) and adjustment for cutting speed (pitch) up to 10o.


Kit includes:

  • Heavy Duty Case
  • FLM110 Base Tool
  • Outer Jacket/Insulation Cutting Adaptor (22mm depth blade)
  • Semicon Shaving Adaptor

*Groove Cutting Adaptor and Blade sold seperately*


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