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Vicera's Cable Sanding Tool (CST) is design for use on Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) and Rubber Insulated cables. The CST needs to be driven by a Battery Bowered Drill (or similar) which means no leads or 240V site power required. The CST is designed to smooth imperfections on a cable's primary insulation and/or smooth the transition between the primary insulation and the semiconductive (semicon) layer. 

The CST is 10 times faster than what is usually done by hand and allows a more consistant finish. Suitable for use on cables up to 80mm in dia., the CST is lightweight (0.95kgs) and can also be used on other materials (i.e. metal pipes etc.). Coming a a protective case, the CST also comes with a complimentary 240 grit sanding belt. Other belts are available for purchase seperately.


  • Lightweight at less than 1kg
  • Attachment for a Vacuum
  • Comes in protective case
  • Various grits of Sanding Belts available

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