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Sofamel presents a new generation of contact voltage detectors with a 360° built-in light. Combining its high-speed data processor with their years of experience, the new POWER LIGHT detector provides maximum reliability in areas where there are complex electrical fields.
  • Lamp in the top of the housing near the contact probe with high-brightness, low-consumption LEDs, Handy for use in dark places. Lamp is independent of the detection system
  • Voltage present indicator using multiple high-brightness 360° red LED's and a buzzer-type intermittent acoustic signal
  • Absence of voltage indicator with multiple high-brightness green 360º LEDs
  • Low battery indication by orange LED
  • Self-checking system for the full circuit by pressing the test button.
  • Stops operating when the battery is low.
  • Working temperature range: -25°C to +55°C
  • Auto start-up when voltage is present
  • Auto-power-down to standby after two minutes with absence of voltage. Power consumption is less than 1 μA in this mode.
  • For Indoor and outdoor use 
  • Connection to insulated sticks using a Universal head (other connection ptions available)
  • 2xAA high-capacity and high-durability batteries included
  • Supplied in reinforced case
  • Voltage range 11 to 33kV (other voltage ranges available upon request)
  • Compliant with standards: IEC 61243:2003+A1:2009 and UNE-EN 61243-1:2006+A1:2011.

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