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We are proud to offer the full range of Cooper Power Systems' range of  seperable connectors and accessories. Cooper Power Systems manufactures a huge range of 630amp deadbreak bolted interface/type C cable accessories including but not limited to varieties of screened elbows and deadend receptacles.

The limiting factor for this 630amp range of products is the conductor size, which cannot exceed 400mm2 and/or the primary insulation which cannot exceed 39.5mm in dia.

One of the key differences between the Cooper product and it's competitors is the ease of installation through minimal effort required to physically install. In addition, the ability to be used with 400mm2 cables (most are restricted to 240mm2) along with a thorough range of water sealing solutions, Cooper's products far out perform their competitors.

This range of products available come with a variety of models that are suitable to up to 33kV and are certified to IEC60502 and CENELEC HD 659.1 standards


  • 630A continuous current rating (900A overload for 8hrs)
  • 12,22 and 33kV variations available
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Suits terminations up to 400m2 (Al and Cu) and with semiconductive or metallic screens
  • Built in capacitive test points (some models)
  • No minimum phase clearance requirements
  • Can be installed in a vertical, horizontal, or any other angle
  • 100% factory tested
  • Bolted variations include
    • 22kV Deadbreak short profile elbow
    • 22kV Deadbreak short profile piggy back
    • 22kV Deadbreak surge arrestor
    • 33kV Deadbreak Symmetrical Elbow
    • 33kV Deadbreak connecting plug
    • 33kV Deadbreak deadend receptacle
    • 22/33kV Deadbreak accessories

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