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The HAUPA Industrial VarioTQ torque screwdriver has been designed for high precision and functionality. The ergonomic handles can be adjusted individually utilising the supplied socket key. HAUPA offers all relevant blade tip profiles as individual items and in set form in a high-quality nylon case.


  • torque can be set using a separate key with 2 different ranges available:
    • 1.0 - 6.0 Nm
    • 0.5 - 3.5 Nm
  • dual blades made from molybdenumvanadium steel, sanded blade, hardened, blast-finished, chrome plated with black point. Sizes include:
    • slotted 3/4 – 5,5/6,5
    • PH0/PH1
    • PZ0/PZ1
    • PH2/PZ2
    • TX 10/15 – 20/25
    • HEX 2/3 – 4/5
    • PZ/FL1
    • PZ/FL2
  • Scale value can easily be read
  • Clearly perceptible and audible signal when the set torque is achieved
  • Torque accuracy according to EN ISO 6789:2013-10


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