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Brady Corp are some of the best in the biz when it comes to lockout and tagout kits, hence why we have chosen them as one of our partners. The personal CB Lockout kit is a versatile option for all electrical trades.

*We have access to the whole Brady Corp range of products. If something isn't listed on our site that is of interest, please contact us to arrange a price*


  • 1 x Nylon Pouch (65292)
  • 1 x Red Padlock (850821)
  • 5 x Heavy Duty Lockout Tags (65525)
  • 1 x Small ‘No Hole’ Breaker Lockout (65396)
  • 1 x Large ‘No Hole’ Breaker Lockout (65397)
  • 1 x Universal Multi-Pole Lockout (66321)
  • 1 x Small Plug Lockout (65674)
  • 1 x 25mm Lockout Jaws (65375/1)
  • 1 x Single Breaker Lockout (65387)


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