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Our German made X-Crimp Crimping Pliers are designed to make crimping multiple types and sizes of crimps easy and fast when out in the field. What makes Haupa's X-Crimp different to others on the market is the ability to quickly change pressing inserts for a wide variety of crimping requirements.


  • Supplied in robust nylon bag (article 220260).
  • Reliable crimping results just like with fixed pressing inserts
  • Forced lock ensures standardised pressing actions
  • Flat construction enables you to work precisely even when space isn't at a premium
  • Comes with inserts for
    • Insulated Cable Crimp Lugs (Oval Press) 0.5mm2 - 6mm2
    • End Sleeves (Trapezoidal Press) 0.5mm2 - 4mm2
    • End Sleeves (Trapezoidal Press) 6mm2 - 16mm2
    • Uninsulated Terminals (Maundrel Shape Press) 1mm2 - 10mm2
  • Other inserts available for purchase include
    • Twin End Sleeves (Trapezoidal Press) 0.5mm2 - 6mm2
    • Coax Cable Press (Hexagonal Press) RG58 - 59 - 62 - 6
    • Flat Connectors (Roll Press) 0.5mm2 - 6mm2
    • Photovoltaic (Multi-contact) 2.5mm2 - 6mm2 MC3
    • Photovoltaic (Multi-contact) 2.5mm2 - 6mm2 MC4


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