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Introducing our Premium Roofer's Kit: Safety and Convenience in one Backpack!

When it comes to working on a roof or at any height, safety is non-negotiable. The perfect solution for roofers who prioritize their well-being while on the job. Our Roofer's Kit is a comprehensive safety package that includes everything you need for a secure and worry-free roofing experience. Invest in your safety and elevate your roofing experience.

  • Backpack for storage of equipment
  • PRIME riggers harness
  • CORE 15kN edge anchor
  • Fall arrester kit:
    • 12mm dia. kernmantle rope x 25m
    • Triple action karabiner
    • Rope grab
    • Shock pack with screw turn locking karabiner
  • Height safety anchor sling

Versatile for Any Roofing Application:

Whether you're working on residential rooftops, commercial projects, or anything in between, our Roofer's Kit is designed to meet the demands of various roofing applications. Stay protected no matter the job, and experience the freedom to focus on your craft without compromising safety.

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