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It has a unique ability to clean up anything from mechanics grease to bitumenous surfaces or tough urethane sealants quickly and easily makes this a perfect addition for cable jointers and general electrical workers. Dyna-Wipes Muscle cleans equipment stains and soils from grime build-up, cable bitumen, termination greases and more.
The Dyna-Wipes cleaning solution combined with our unique towel,  the result is that grease and dirt cling to the wipe and does not transfer back to the hands or surface.  This is a great breakthrough. No more smears on the surface. The wipe lifts it off and inbeds it into the towel.  Great as a waterless hand cleaner too, just wipe and go. Replaces the use of harmful chemicals to the hands. 
  • 80 sheets per tub
  • Contains 4 skin conditioners (inc. Aloe and Vitamin E)
  • Removes graffiti too

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