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This Australian Made, Aluminium Extension Ladder is a lightweight incredibly rigid and is designed for professionals seeking the ultimate in height safety, it features interlocking side rails ensuring maximum stability. 

● Strongest flat top ‘D’ rung

● Interlocking side rails for safety, rigidity and stability

● Easy flow braided rope system

● Large flat feet – for extra support

One of the many reasons Ladamax is the preferred brand for tradies is thanks to our exclusive failsafe designs. These include the strongest flat top ‘D’ rung, interlocking side rails for safety, rigidity and stability, an easy flow braided rope system, large flat feet for extra support and Swagelock ‘D’ rung connection for improved strength.

All of our ladders are stress tested to 150kg to ensure maximum safety for our users as per the AS 1892 safety standard which sets out the minimum recommended safe practices and requirements for the selection, use and maintenance of portable ladders.

Our Aluminium Extension Ladder is lightweight and portable without compromising strength or durability, making it the first choice for companies, contractors and professionals looking to create a safer workplace.

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