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The Kwikie™ Blank Duct Plugs. Manufactured from a combination of high-impact plastic components and pliable, yet durable, gaskets, these mechanical duct plugs prevent the incursion of water, sedimentation, vermin and dangerous vapours into the pit and pipe network and substations and other infrastructure environments.

Kwikie™ Blank Duct Plugs are:

  • All plastic construction – corrosion proof
  • Water and air resistant
  • Simple installation
  • Ideal for manholes and building entrances.
  • Effective as long-term or temporary seals
  • Easily removable and reusable

Each Blank plug features a rope-tie to secure pull-rope to the plug’s back-compression plate. By attaching the rope to the back-compression plate, excess slack is readily at-hand for future use. Easily installed, or removed, they provide a simple and highly effective sealing solution.


The CalAm System from Bob Arnold on Vimeo.

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